Trucks Gone Wild Is Fucking Awesome

“Trucks Gone Wild” is absolutely as great as you would expect. Do you like lifted trucks? Do you care how much they cost? (If you say yes, please stop reading) Do you like tits? Then go to this fucking event. If you live in the south, Maine, or Saskatchewan, Canada, you might have at least heard of Trucks Gone Wild. Drivers of Trucks Gone Wild include Dennis, Ryan, Weston Anderson (yes Grave Digger Anderson), and Scott Sweat of the No Sweat Mega Truck. Randy Oakley of “Vermonster” (who got me into mud bogging) and Keith Spiker with the “Hammerhead” mega truck. The man behind the madness is Matt Steele.

           Steele started with just basic truck events but then started recording them and promoting new events. He has since been to multiple countries and all over America to put on events. The biggest hot spot for the culture, though, is Florida and Georgia. Steele has grown the sport so much that they have a show, “Dirty Mudder Truckers,” on Discovery. Although the show doesn’t capture the magic of attending a mud bog, it gives you a chance to meet some of the fastest trucks and biggest names in the sport.

           How would I describe TGW? Well, everything is consuming alcohol, from the trucks to the people. It’s the one place where someone can roll up with a $100,000 truck pulling a $100,000 camper with a $100,000 mega truck and be parked next to two pile of crap rust bucket trucks that a junkyard would turn away and two $20 Walmart tents as the sleeping area, but the two groups will be best friends by the end of the night. You wake up and start drinking, go over and watch the mega trucks, and then come back and drink more. In fact, most people don’t even stop at that point. Dogs and kids are welcome, although it isn’t exactly family-friendly to the average suburban living family. Any without a sense of humor shouldn’t go; anyone who is judgmental, don’t go. You are really being thrown into a world that takes a special type of person to enjoy, but there really is no better fun if you do enjoy it.

In Maine, the campground is just a massive farm field with port-o-potties setup. No running water, no showers. To cool ourselves down, we drove down the road to a massive river and went swimming. The Androscoggin River was deep enough to swim in without touching but calm enough where you weren’t worried about being pulled away, and it was a common spot for the locals to go. For lunch, we made sandwiches, nothing fancy. If you wanted to drop a few bucks, vendors sold lobster rolls and other stuff like that. At night there was a concert featuring the up-and-coming rap ground North Woods Outlaws.

           Got a quad or side by side? Your allowed to rip them around the campground all night. There’re no quiet hours, but no one cares. If you want to literally not sleep the entire weekend… don’t. It’s fucking wild, and I would highly encourage anyone to go visit. I’ll attach the website below and the recap video from the event I went to. If you like having a good time, I VERY VERY highly suggest checking out the boys from Trucks Gone Wild. Tell Matt Steel you heard about it from me first.