Yee Yee takes on Pit Viper in a Battle of the Redneck Brands!

February 23rd, 2021 is a day that may live in redneck infamy. For those who don’t know, Granger Smith owns Yee Yee apparel, a clothing line based on his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. Although Yee Yee apparel isn’t a super well-known brand, I have run into a few people here and there that wear it loud and proud. The brand has over 460k followers on Instagram, so while it might not be the biggest brand, it isn’t small by any means. The brand is supported by videos that are posted by Earl Dibble Jr. on YouTube,

Everyone knows Pit Vipers. If you don’t know what Pit Viper is, you live under a rock. Love them or hate them, I love them; Pit Vipers are a trend that is sweeping the nation. Like mullets and IROC Camaros, the Pits are a staple of the ’80s and deserve the comeback. Pit Viper has 623k followers on Instagram, which really isn’t much more than the Yee Yee page. So going back to February 23rd, Yee Yee decided to make a bold move. The following is a “transcript” of what went down.

12:12 PM

The perfect marriage was on the verge of being born. Yee Yee is a staple of crazy rednecks everywhere, as are Pit Vipers. I would have bought 12 pairs if they came out; I can already imagine ripping through the countryside with a cold Bud Light in hand, mullet flowing out the back of my Justin Moore cowboy hat, ass crack hanging out, and Yee Yee Pit Vipers on my face. However, that wasn’t meant to be, as Pit Viper then did this.

This leads me to a few various issues. First off, who do I side with? I love my Pit Vipers, they are a little overpriced for the quality, but they are just a fun gimmick that makes Karen’s judge you. I love my Yee Yee hat, too though, I threw a fishing hook on it, and it is probably the best-looking hat I have. Sure, I can’t work in it because the sweat stains are terrible, but besides that, it is super comfortable. I think that the two working together would make all the sense in the world; most Pit Viper wearers are either frat guys, hicks, or members of Alpha Gamma Rho, I am all of the above. Travis Denning is often on Instagram wearing his Pits, which are the same exact color as mine, I got mine first Travis. Still, Granger Smith is a great artist I like, and Earl Dibbles Jr. is someone who I wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. Yee Yee joked about making their own glasses, and I could actually see that happening. It just doesn’t make sense to me when the marriage would be so easy.

I won’t ever say go buy something if I don’t own it and like it. I genuinely like both products. Pit Vipers absolutely make a statement, and if you’re reading this, you want that statement to be made. Yee Yee makes a statement as well, although they are much more subtle in the delivery. Both of these products pull off some kind of redneck or white trash culture, and here that is precisely what we want to celebrate.